Why are do the pictures and video only show black?
The pictures and video show black because the chickens are outdoors and it is dark outside. I'm located in Northwest Florida and at my latitude we get about 14 hours, 6 minutes of sunlight a day at most in the summer. In the winter months we get about 10 hours and 11 minutes at the very least. Since chickens are not nocturnal and require darkness to sleep, they do not have any lights outside.

Android users may use want to use MJpeg Viewer. You can view this stream directly with Mozilla Firefox * and Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Mobile Firefox, Safari and Chrome will work also.

You can also stream it on your desktop using Apple QuickTime or VLC (Recommended!) In VLC, go to Media > Network and in network URL, use: http://drac0.homelinux.net:8081 for the Overhead Cam or http://drac0.homelinux.net:8082 for the Peeper Hole Cam.

If you are using Internet Exploder, please use a different browser or download and install QuickTime or VLC.

*I've noticed an issue with Firefox where Firefox seems to start loading the next image before the first image is fully loaded. This causes a flickering effect and the lower third of the image never seems to fully load. This is a documented bug in Firefox. If you plan to view the stream from a web browser, I recommend Google Chrome or Apple Safari until Firefox gets around to fixing this issue.